Our philosophy


The early years are a critical time with regards to the emergence and development of the individuality, character and learning style of young children. Providing a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for children to grow, explore and have fun is paramount to their global development. We know that all children are unique individuals with varying approaches to learning and perspectives towards life. With these differences in mind we see our job as educators as facilitators who program and plan accordingly to meet the needs of each of our young learners. When children have a sense of ownership over the course their learning they become lifelong learners. To this end we believe that an emergent curriculum that follows the interest of the children is the most powerful and engaging curriculum we can provide.

Our life in Lucky Clover

A trip to a rocha canada
A trip to a rocha canada
A trip to a rocha canada
A trip to a rocha canada
A trip to a rocha canada
A trip to a rocha canada
A trip to a rocha canada
A trip to a rocha canada
A trip to a rocha canada
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Our Programs

Infant Care Program

       learn to play

An above average teacher to child ratio allows for individualized attention and most importantly, lots of cuddles.

Toddler Care Program

         play to learn

It’s a busy, busy time for toddlers who are learning social, cognitive and independence skills.

Preschool & Childcare Program

              learn to learn

Kindergarten readiness and daily protected learning times help each child reach their full potential.

Before & After School Program

A fun place to unwind after school and try new things. Full-day camp through the summer months.

Lucky Clover features

Full Time & Part Time &Drop in Childcare

Nature Log  And Bright Filled Classroom

Sole Occupant Of Our Location

Sercurity Door Access Control System

Large Parking For Pick up & Drop Off

Open 7:00AM - 6:00 PM Monday to Friday

Monthly Educational Trip (Preschool & Childcare Program)

Fully Licensed ECE IT & School Board Educators

Transition Time to Help You Adapt To Lucky Clover

Afforable Rate and Quality Education

Your local Cloverdale  childcare

Play is the “work” of children. Through play, children interact with, explore with, and make sense of the world around them. Children find joy and fulfillment in play, whether they are playing by themselves or in groups 

                      -----British Columbia Early Learning Frame Work Page 15


         Lucky Clover Childcare Learning Center

                     17579-59 Ave Surrey BC


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